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Education for Global Players

The OBA believes each child is entitled to the best education available to fulfil his or her dreams.

The OBA believes a pillar of our society is to invest as much as possible in our young people, in formal and non-formal education, to give them the best preparation for any job market or business endeavour.

The OBA further believes that our education should be informed by developmental goals to safeguard our present but as flexible and wide as we can afford to secure a future for Bermuda in which technology and the Internet will only become more central to life and through which we can equip our youth to be global citizens, able to lead a new era for Bermuda, either at home or abroad.

Our education system needs recalibrating. This is not a matter for a big stick approach or ego-serving edits.

The OBA will lay out an overall framework for education delivery but will lead a collaborative approach to bring about the necessary reset.

Our framework will include ensuring the right environment that stimulates both educators and students; training at all levels; continuing education; entrenching STEAM in schools and in the community; and encouragements for excellence, especially in critical developmental areas.

No doubt about it. One of the OBA’s first moves in education will be to remove the politics from it and build a structure to ensure political interference, remains a thing of the past.

We believe our inventive plan will allow both educators and students to flourish and facilitate the innovation that will keep Bermuda as one of the sought out places in the word and our citizens equipped for the future.

Among other things, the OBA will:

  • Establish an Independent Education Authority, with professionals managing our education system, providing objective assessments of schools and student performance to ensure education is the cornerstone for life.
  • Supplement schools with teams of Foundational Counsellors, to support our children and instil the skills needed for life, from early developmental learning to guidance in later years, when our children transition from education to working life.
  • Improve early childhood development by expanding the Child Development Project (CDP) to ensure our children have the necessary support, with parents involved in their education, growth, and development.
  • Better align the school day to ensure that our children benefit from after-school sports, arts activities, and any other educational support programmes. This would also result in great relief to our working parents.
  • Establish a Continuing Professional Development Centre for our teachers, to enhance teaching skills and maintain high standards with continuous training and support for our teachers.
  • Establish National Development Scholarships which support our students’ development and progress in existing and new job opportunities (including technologies and the renewable energy sector).
  • Establish a National Physical Fitness Programme to encourage well-being, sound health, exercise, and personal diet, from primary schools throughout life.
  • Continue to support school meals for students in need and ensure a per term budget for teachers to provide supplies and equipment for children in their classrooms.
  • With the aid of our Workforce Development team, streamline the transition from education to working life. This will be achieved by identifying existing and future job opportunities for Bermudians during education, and aligning education with real job opportunities.
  • Implement a fully integrated technical and arts curriculum, starting in the middle schools, with particular focus on STEAM.
  • Continue to develop business-led jobs guarantee schemes to ensure Bermudians are trained for job opportunities that actually exist and jobs in developing sectors.
  • Optimise and rationalise the use of our existing school campuses, so that we have state of the art facilities to provide the best outcome for our students, based on the changing demographics of our school population.
  • Continue to support “Plan 2022: Bermuda’s Strategic Plan for Public School Education”, which is the culmination of a public consultation project which began under the previous OBA Government.


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Improving education in Bermuda

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Taking the politics out of education

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