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Solidifying Our Base

Infrastructure and Tourism

Tourism and hospitality remain the second most important sector in our country. We must maintain the foundation that has been a proven attraction to persons – including civility and a clean environment – but we must also refresh our product, kick-start new avenues for growth and ensure that Bermudians at all levels are more fully integrated to benefit from the tourist economy.

In respect of bringing more benefits to Bermudians, the OBA will increase our festivals, providing more opportunities for our creative community, boost sports and community tourism and open up new Special Development Areas which will include the boosting of our small business sector and new windows for young entrepreneurs.

The OBA will also work to maximise the marketing of our island, promoting niches Bermuda can be world leaders in.

As we have said consistently, where necessary there will be full consultation on initiatives which are likely to impact communities.

The OBA will:

  • Ensure Bermuda has well-paved and weed-free roads, with garbage collected twice per week during summer months.
  • Recognise that the longer-stay business visitor is a new type of ‘tourist’ and identify ways for Bermudians to benefit from this investment opportunity.
  • Expand the network of CCTV cameras to improve civility of road usage.
  • Open the Hamilton Waterfront for revitalisation, tourism and retail opportunities.  Work with the Corporation to convert parking lots into community waterfront green space, event locations, outdoor dining, and boat and yacht berthing in the heart of the City of Hamilton.
  • Ensure that the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) continues to be managed by independent professionals with expertise in the tourism sector.
  • Grow sports-based tourism, with emphasis on the shoulder season in consultation with the BTA.
  • Work with the BTA to continue the implementation of film and TV incentive programmes to attract Bermuda-based production and create visibility for Bermuda and career opportunities for Bermudians.
  • Continue to work with stakeholders to grow commercial airline flight capacity to the Island from gateway cities.
  • Exploit our marine sector to build a Blue Economy in which Bermuda becomes not just a place for sea adventurers but is positioned as world leader for research and coordinator of conferences and tours aimed at protecting the marine environment worldwide.
  • Extend entertainment areas and develop more festivals aimed at the millennial’s market in which Bermudian artists and artistes are central players.

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