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A Better Society for Bermuda

Good Governance & Electoral Reform

The best society is one in which the society is often consulted, fully engaged and constantly involved in the decisions that affect their life.
Democracy is about the people.

It is not good enough to come to people once every five years. And anyone positioning politics as a cult of personality, and as a “me and you” fight, is woefully out of touch with what today’s governance requires and what people want.

No 36 people have all the answers.

It is the OBA’s mission to widen the community’s involvement in Governance. Essentially give back power to the people. We believe that a Government that is rooted in the community has the best chance of success in serving the needs of all Bermudians and is, therefore, better for Bermuda.

Revamping our Parish Councils will create grass-root involvement in decision making to improve the living standards of all Bermudians and build stronger local communities.

Politics should be about service and creating an environment where all Bermudians can thrive. It is not a one-man show; neither is it about dictating.

The OBA will have ongoing conversations with Bermudians and community and national consultations on all major issues.

Furthermore, from East to West Bermudians feel that Parliament is too large, too expensive and disconnected for our small community. Reducing the size of Cabinet and Parliament will support more consensus building and reduce the partisanship currently the sad hallmark of Bermuda politics.

There are various steps we have to take to deal with issues in our legal framework including strengthening to deal with fraud and the variety of workplace issues.

Most of all, the OBA will take the bold and necessary steps to work towards an equitable society in which everyone has an equal and fair chance.

The OBA will:

  • Implement systemic governmental reform. We will:
    • Introduce proportionate representation.
    • Reduce the number of parliamentary seats.
    • Reduce the size of cabinet.
    • Appoint a non-voting independent Speaker.
    • Devolve some powers to elected parish councils based on population.
    • Hold a referendum on St. David’s becoming a separate parish.
  • Ensure the continued independence of the Corporations of Hamilton and St. George’s.
  • Implement absentee balloting to protect the voting rights of Bermudian students overseas and Bermudians travelling abroad during elections.
  • Introduce fixed-term elections.
  • Enhance, revamp and fund Parish Councils. They will:
    • identify community projects for completion, funded through an earmarked local “communities that care “budget, including using of derelict land for local projects.
    • oversee Community Orders.
    • liaise with the Police Community Action Teams.
  • Introduce campaign finance reform, including imposing a cap on campaign spending audited by the Auditor General.
  • Update Bermuda’s anti-fraud laws with modern legislation.
  • Implement legislation to promote workplace equality, increase compensation for breaches of equal pay laws, and promote equality of representation on public bodies.

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