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Thomas Harvey expresses ange over “irresponsible and greedy actions”

By March 11, 2024March 12th, 2024No Comments

Thomas Harvey, the adopted One Bermuda Alliance candidate for constituency 2, St George’s West, expresses his anger over what he describes as “irresponsible and greedy actions” by SAL Ltd.

Inundated by several phone calls since 7am today, Mr Thomas says residents in the area of Tiger Bay and private truckers have described their dismay at the behaviours of the building company and construction company, Island Construction, both of which are connected to two current Progressive Labour Party MPs.

Vance Campbell, who is also the current Minister of Tourism and Cabinet Office is the CEO of SAL Ltd., while Zane DeSilva is a back bencher with the PLP Government.

“SAL is depriving independent truckers of business and it’s not right. Tractor trailers were down at Tiger Bay from very early this morning loading gravel onto container trucks hauling dumpsters going to the SAL quarry in Hamilton Parish. These trucks are overloaded, and their loads are uncovered. How is this allowed to happen? Why are independent truckers—and let’s be honest about it—mostly Black truckers losing out on business? This isn’t right.”

Mr Thomas adds what he observed as the loaded dump trucks left the area this morning: “It was obvious by the back wheels that the loads were heavy. I’ve been in the construction business for almost 40 years and I can see that these trucks are carrying over 10 tonnes in weight. To anyone who may question my judgement, I ask: ‘Where are the scales to show the trucks are compliant?’”

He addresses the issue of safety for road users, especially those who use the Bailey Bridge on the Causeway and the Swing Bridge: “Both bridges have reached their expiration dates. Both are weak. And when was the last inspection carried out on Bailey Bridge? Every time a heavy vehicle travels its integrity is compromised. This is an unnecessary risk.”

He continues: “Another thing I noticed this morning was the absence of mud flaps on the trucks. This causes debris to spill onto the roads which will not only make it slippery, especially for bike riders, but the loose debris can cause damage to cars. It’s unacceptable. Why was this allowed to happen with disregard?”

“All of this is a shame. With so many blatant infractions, it leads to me wonder if the proper permits were even granted? I have enquired twice this weekend with Transport Minister Wayne Furbert, and I am yet to receive a clear response.”