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The PLP’s apparent $4 Million mistaken payment – a statement from Scott Pearman, One Bermuda Alliance Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs and Transport

At a time when our economy is struggling — and we so desperately need to pay careful attention to the People’s money — the media report that the PLP may have made a mistaken $4 million payment at the airport is deeply concerning.

To make matters worse, these were the same airport payments used by the PLP to attack the OBA last year, when the PLP suggested, wrongly it now seems, that they had carefully scrutinized the airport payments.

It would be nice to hear from those PLP critics, Minister Lawrence Scott and MP Christopher Famous, how this mistake may have happened.

Projects like the St. Regis, the Loren, and especially the new airport are not just OBA successes.  They are Bermudian successes.

And our Government needs to build upon these successes for the benefit of all Bermudians, not criticize them for political purposes.

The OBA respectfully suggests that the payment process needs to be reviewed again, to reconsider the validity or otherwise of the $4 million payment.