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Statement from OBA Chairman for release

“I’ll stand at the polls and the person will say: I haven’t seen you, so you won’t get my vote. I don’t want your vote. I don’t want your vote! For what, so you feel like you have some control or say over what I do in the future?”

It’s hard to believe that these words were so boldly spoken on the floor of the House of Assembly by Minister of Economy & Labour, Jason Hayward. But then again, this is typical behaviour from member of a political party who thinks he is doing so much for the people of Bermuda that accountability does not apply to him.

I thought one of Mr Hayward’s roles was to attract foreign investment to the island, not cause alienation. What was he thinking?

Our Government Ministers must not forget the entire premise of public service is just that –service to the public. To say you don’t need anyone’s vote is arrogant and a slap in the face of the electorate.

I hope that no one took Mr Hayward’s comments to heart. In order to progress and return to the Bermuda it once was, diversity and inclusion is imperative. Anything short of that would only set our community back in time.

The island cannot sustain further divisiveness.

To think otherwise is simply delusional to say the least!

It begs the question whether the Progressive Labour Party, and especially Mr Hayward, can be trusted with overseeing Bermuda’s future for all Bermudians. Does the party sincerely and fully intend to represent all the people of Bermuda, irrespective of their sex, colour, creed, race, or whichever label they choose to identify with?

Is it the PLP’s modus operandi to just pander to its base in its efforts to simply garner only enough votes in constituencies to form a government by the people but not for the people!

Mr Hayward quoted the Attorney General by saying: “Individuals are looking for love back from a country that they love.”

Indeed, Mrs. Simmons’ observations may have merit; but perhaps such love may first need to be sought from her party’s Parliamentary representatives.