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Shadow Health Minister the Hon Michael Dunkley, JP, MP, reacts to ending of TA

By November 6, 2022November 10th, 2022No Comments

The One Bermuda Alliance is pleased with Friday’s announcement that the Government is abolishing the Travel Authorisation and associated fee, effective November 13. It has been a long time coming!

For some months now we have been critical of the Government for retaining it and in the spirit of collaboration, reached across the aisle to work together, along with offering advice.

Little was taken and the Government’s criticism was noted but now that the government has finally taken the decision to end it, we take solace that it is finally happening.

This is good for Bermuda and Bermudians.

We hope the Government will duly inform all airlines and cruise companies of the changes to avoid any confusion next weekend. We also ask the Government if the earlier end of the TA and fee has resulted in a penalty or extra fee being paid by Government to Resquest.

We must now work to turn the abysmal economy around, help those suffering with high inflation, the lack of employment, immigration and emigration, the high cost of living, high cost of health care, high cost of power and the challenges facing our youth.

There is much work to be done and if the Government will listen the Opposition is always willing to help.