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Shadow Education Minister calls for clarification around Education Reform

By November 6, 2023No Comments

Does the Education Minister believe that the people of Bermuda are not paying attention?

In the Speech from the Throne it states “the Government will continue the work of education reform through the establishment of the transition teams for the next two Parish Primary Schools, earmarked for Elliot Primary and Harrington Sound Primary…”

This is in contrast with what the Minister stated earlier this summer.

After rigorous advocating from supporters of West End Primary, which was earmarked for closure, Minister Rabain said the Government would revisit the parish primary school decision process.

He said an additional study factor, history and legacy, would be integrated into the new process.

To me, this means that all schools would now be restarting from equal ground where ranking is concerned, excluding the two current Parish Primary Schools which commenced operation this academic year.

So why would Elliot and Harrington Sound be earmarked to be the next two schools? Is he assuming the rankings will remain the same? Does he plan on going full speed ahead and only announced the new process to quiet the protestors?

Is he able to shed the light for the people because it is not clear and we need answers.