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Setting the Record Straight

By January 29, 2024No Comments

The public have been treated to propaganda op-eds from the PLP recently; it feels like the party is sweating under growing public dissatisfaction and recent poll results. Like a one-trick pony, the PLP clearly is attempting to shift the public displeasure on to the OBA, because, of course, the OBA is to blame for everything that is going wrong in Bermuda.

There have been several claims and distortions of the truth spewed by the PLP, but distortions don’t change the facts. Allow me to highlight some accomplishments the PLP frequently leaves out of the OBA’s record in office.

In the OBA’s four years we:

  • Secured the building of St. Regis and several hotel renovations. The PLP failed to keep our largest hotel open and continues to struggle to re-open it
  • Hosted the America’s Cup which injected $300 million into the economy. The PLP has never held anything which has given Bermuda an economic boost of this magnitude
  • Came within striking distance of a balanced budget, without suspending the Sinking Fund contributions. The PLP offered the people of Bermuda a balanced budget after 20 years, by suspending Sinking Fund contributions and additional borrowing
  • Attempted real immigration reform which would have placed us in a stronger and more competitive economic position. The PLP continues to deliver slow and piecemeal reform as our working population remains unsustainable and Bermudians continue to emigrate
  • Placed tourism in the hands of experts by forming the BTA. PLP interfered with the BTA, now we are struggling to attain pre-pandemic air arrivals
  • Started the path towards a Casino Gaming industry. PLP once again interfered, and gaming has completely stalled

The OBA did not get everything right and Bermudians have shown us what they expect from us. We are doing the work to rebuild and reconnect with Bermuda’s communities. The repeated attacks from the PLP legitimize our efforts. If we are not growing to become a force to be reckoned with, the PLP wouldn’t be bothered. It also shows the PLP is refusing to adapt and is sticking to the same playbook.

Now, let’s discuss the present. The PLP claims to stand for the working-class Bermudians yet have found itself at odds with fishermen, farmers, environmentalists, parents, and teachers.

The PLP claims the OBA speaks out of both sides of our mouth, yet we find it releasing pamphlets worth thousands of dollars to potential investors in the Middle East, touting Bermuda’s world-renowned airport—the very one the PLP tells Bermudians it opposes

A number of mistruths were spun in the newspaper by a PLP Cabinet Minister and MP, that I would like to correct:

  • The OBA has not obstructed or voted against any housing policy the PLP has brought forward
  • The OBA caucus and Parliamentarians have never voted against any legislation improving workers’ rights
  • The OBA supported improving workers’ wages; we did not vote against the minimum hourly wage. We made sure the PLP considered our local entrepreneurs
  • The OBA has only ever advocated for a gradual reduction of the Civil Service through early retirement. We have never advocated for a slash and burn approach to the Civil Service
  • The OBA has always advocated for immigration reform and a clear route to Bermudian status. To grow our working population, spread the tax burden, and stimulate job growth for Bermudians to return from overseas. We have always explicitly stated that we are looking to create a system that prioritizes Bermudians and does not displace them.

The PLP has revealed it intends to use its old reliable political strategy which is distraction, division, and dishonesty.  The PLP has decided it would rather spin a narrative than accept the reality Bermudians feel every day—the reality that most Bermudians are struggling to remain in their own island and are looking overseas for a better standard of living.

If the PLP is unable to accept the reality of what Bermudians are facing, how can it possibly govern effectively.

 The One Bermuda Alliance is standing on the truth, whether it’s popular or not. To turn our island around, we must reduce Government expenditure, put forward a clear route to achieve Bermudian status, and pay down our debt.  We will not be swayed by dishonest and lazy hit pieces which rewrite history.