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Response to an opinion piece from former PLP MP, Renee Webb

By August 26, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

Renee Webb needs to stop the political commentating and concentrate on two issues: doing her Government-paid job of fighting Bermuda’s corner in Brussels and telling her paymasters to drop the hugely expensive same sex marriage legal action.

Recently, European lawmakers established a permanent committee to examine tax dodging. Given the EU’s hostile stance towards Bermuda, I would expect to see Ms Webb writing about how she is doing her job and lobbying to help Bermudians.

She is, of course, entitled to her opinion, but she is also very well paid, and I want to be reassured that we are getting value for our taxpayers’ money.
On the issue of money, is Ms Webb concerned about the mounting cost of the legal fight over same-sex marriage?

Does she think the money could be better spent on things like new buses, better street lighting or internet access for those families with students who cannot afford it?

The Premier has called a million-dollar election on the false basis of the cost of by-elections for MPs – PLP MPs included. As Bermuda spends a small fortune on SSM, does she really think the Premier is serious about saving money?

As we continue to see cases of Covid-19, does Ms Webb think it is fair to ask the elderly and those with illnesses like diabetes to put their health at risk? Doesn’t this also risk people being disenfranchised because they will be scared to vote?

Isn’t this selfish of the Premier?

Ms Webb, concentrate on your day job and tell us what you are doing to justify your salary.