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A statement on SDO by Shadow Tourism Minister, the Hon. Craig Cannonier, JP, MP

By October 26, 2023November 1st, 2023No Comments

Once again the Progressive Labour Party government has demonstrated that they will do exactly what they want.

Despite the recommendation of the Development Application Board to not proceed with the SDO for the Fairmont Southampton, here we are today.

It is blatantly clear to us that this decision was taken many months ago. Not by the Minister but by the Gencom representative Chris Maybury when he said the property would essentially be mothballed if the SDO did not receive favour.

This decision is utterly ridiculous and a slap in the face to the people of Bermuda, especially the residents in the area who have loudly and vigorously expressed their objection to this project proposal.

Why did it take this long for a Minister to respond when all and sundry knew the outcome of the decision?

This is not a Government that listens but one that ignores the cry of professionals/experts and community. It’s clear that big business under this Government rules.