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A statement from the Hon. N.H. Cole Simons JP MP-Opposition Leader

By February 8, 2022February 9th, 2022No Comments

The narrative continues – Premier David Burt consistently finds himself in conflicts of interest, without remorse or accountability.

From being the Premier and Minister of Tourism AND being in charge of gaming, to now, literally handing a $3.6 MM dollar contract to his personal fintech adviser – Denis Pitcher without going through the proper tender process.

Let’s not forget that his Health Minister, Kim Wilson who when cornered, admitted that her ministry failed to take the required steps to get approval to engage ResQuest for the Travel Authorization process and Covid 19 test booking system?

The One Bermuda Alliance and the people of Bermuda find this behaviour breathtakingly unconscionable. We are tired of the lack of accountability and the lack of transparency and as evidenced by David Burt and his Party. As a consequence, we call for a full financial audit. Enough is enough.