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A statement by Approved Candidate Nicky Gurret

By July 3, 2023July 5th, 2023No Comments

The PLP economic Development Strategy 2023-2027 has pictures on its cover of the airport, construction activity and a sailboat. Instead, it should have images of the failed casino plan and failed fintech, dirty sooty roofs in Pembroke, pot holes, the empty Fairmont Southampton Hotel and a declining population on its cover.

If the OBA wrote the plan, the cover would have two new hotels, the new airport and America’s Cup, to name a few projects that could be placed on the cover with pride. The OBA would be committed to address the declining work force and attract foreign investment and show its track record as a government of purpose mission and execution.

In essence, the PLP plan is full of empty promises and short on deliveries. It has little to nothing to show on its track record.

One thing the document does show is that the PLP finally recognises that a plan is needed to increase the working population. When in power the OBA clearly established and understood action was needed in order to increase our workforce not only for economic purposes but also to sustain our pensions and healthcare.

The PLP has no concrete solutions to address how it will increase the working population. There are no detailed plans with timelines.

Its document indicates a plan to create an advisory immigration board. The Government already had one that was removed by Minister Jason Hayward and since then processing times for permits have doubled.

It is clear from its own report that the PLP Government has not been a good shepherd for Bermuda.

The population is declining, our standard of education has declined, our infrastructure is in a sad state of affairs.

Tourism is no longer a pillar of our economy.

It has been relegated to fourth place and it has been to lumped in with food services and accommodation.

All neighbouring Caribbean sister islands have a thriving tourism economy and we are sinking further into the abyss.

Where is the economic plan to help retailers and even if the PLP had a plan it would not be delivered.