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Sophia Tessitore

Constituency #21, Pembroke South East

Contact details 294.3221 | [email protected]

The One Bermuda Alliance is pleased to announce Sophia Tessitore as its approved candidate for Constituency 21, Pembroke South East. 

At 22, Sophia is currently the youngest political candidate in Bermuda. A 2021 graduate of the Bermuda College, Sophia has just completed her first semester of online studies with Pennsylvania State University where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in history. 

Sophia is passionate about Bermuda, its people, its culture and its future. Educated entirely within the Bermuda Public School System, Sophia’s desire is for every student to have access to an education that they can be proud of, and most importantly one in which will set them on the pathway to success regardless of their career path of choice. 

Along with previously working the island’s art sector, Sophia is also an advocate for those in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Sophia says: “As a young Bermudian, the problem of cost of living, employment, marriage equality and the environment are very important to me. My goal is to eradicate or improve these problematic issues through my candidacy with the OBA. I believe Bermuda is in a dire situation and we must invest in our economy and properly manage our island’s resources if we want to succeed in the coming decades.  

“Our hard-working team at the One Bermuda Alliance is passionate about empowering every resident of this island through sensible economic policies and responsible Government management that meets the needs of all Bermudians, across race, class and income bracket.”