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Malachi Symonds

Constituency #15, Pembroke East

Malachi Symonds is the adopted candidate for Constituency 15, Pembroke East.

Malachi developed a deep passion for the environment during his formative years at Warwick Academy. His summers exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the ocean in the Great Sound further nurtured his love for the natural world.

This dedication to environmental conservation was evident during his participation in marine studies at BIOS Bermuda’s Water Start programme, where he earned his PADI diving license and contributed to important research efforts, earning recognition with a silver badge from the Duke of Edinburgh.

In 2010, Malachi pursued further studies in Kodaikanal, India, where he continued to deepen his connection with the environment through hiking, observing diverse ecosystems, and engaging in sustainable initiatives. His innovative and environmentally conscious mindset was showcased through activities such as creating polymers from potato starch and recycling plastics into building materials.

After graduating in 2012, Malachi returned to Bermuda with a wealth of knowledge and a strong passion for environmental conservation. In 2013, he ventured into entrepreneurship and established Paddle Popped, a popcorn business that quickly gained prominence despite a saturated market, making it the most sought-after popcorn product from 2013 to 2014. This success demonstrated Malachi’s ability to innovate and thrive in competitive environments.

In 2014, driven by his thirst for knowledge, Malachi resumed his academic pursuits by enrolling at Earth University in Costa Rica. The esteemed international institution is dedicated to cultivating ethical leaders who contribute to sustainable development and a just society. While there, Malachi immersed himself in a comprehensive curriculum encompassing business management, agricultural practices, soil sciences, genetics, food sciences, sustainable energy, waste management, and more. His dedication culminated in his graduation in 2019 with a BSc in Agricultural Sciences, earning him the title of agricultural engineer.

Upon returning to Bermuda, Malachi brought with him a vision to invest in the country and advocate for food security, sustainable living, green energies, and a reduced cost of living. In 2020, he laid the groundwork for his initiatives and officially launched his enterprise, Just A Farmer, in 2021. Through Just A Farmer, Malachi has been actively engaged in farming and sharing his expertise across Bermuda, showcasing his dedication to sustainable practices and community.

Portrait photo of Malachi Symonds

Constituency 15, Pembroke East, Bermuda