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Kim Wales

Co-Party Secretary

Contact details [email protected]

Mrs. Kimberlee A. Wales currently serves as the Co-Party Secretary of the One Bermuda Alliance.  She also is member of a few of the Party’s Shadow Boards and Committees (ie. Seniors, Tourism, Women’s). Kim’s professional career began as a graduate of the Tourism & Hospitality program at the former Stonington Beach Hotel, then continuing on to the private sector with one of Bermuda’s leading Accounting and Audit firms – assisting with the preparation of financial statements, managing client accounts, investment portfolios and extensive administrative duties, to then branching over to serving in the public sector within the Bermuda Government’s Ministry of Youth, Sports & Recreation and Union representative of the BPSA.

Kim loves and has enjoyed serving quietly in many communities and volunteering with various non-profit organizations, Church Ministries and community groups, both locally and internationally – where she has furthered her studies in Business Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Criminology, Counseling, Women, Children and Marriage & Family, Early Childhood Education, Health, Wellness, Rehabilitation, and faith-based Ministry.  Kim has even humbly been a part of and organized various community give-back programs over the years, while continuing to dedicate time to her passion of serving and assisting as a personal advocate and voice for our most vulnerable within our community – ie. seniors, disabilities, homelessness, orphanage, unemployment/education, food insecurity, persons at-risk/incarcerated, single parenthood, various personal abuses, injustices, and substance abuse.

On a personal side, first and foremost, Kim is passionate about her faith in God, and gives all praise and honor to Him, above all things, for without HIM, she acknowledges that she is nothing, while continuously aiming to be a true reflection of His eternal love and compassion towards others (no matter one’s belief, personal choice or lifestyle), with the emphasis of living by the notion that

it’s all about H.I.M. (Honesty – Integrity – Manifestation) of God’s ordination, with the strong belief that God has given everyone free-will to live their individual life’s journey, if they choose, in God’s true love, to ultimately glorify His Holy Name.

Kim is a loving and dedicated wife to her husband of nearly 30 years (of which they have been together for almost 40 years); mother to the treasure of their life, their blessing from God, and most precious daughter; also, she is God-mother, Auntie and relative to many, and with most respect and compassion, the caring daughter to, in honor of her late father, and also most patiently to the matriarch of the family, her very old-school traditional, lovingly strong-minded, and most energized mother, who is nearly 90 years old, and still actively involved her local Church, many of our Seniors’ clubs, organizations and community groups, all with the her joy of the Lord!

In closing, in addition to serving our Country and in our community, Kim deeply enjoys drafting/design and architecture, traveling, advanced technology and innovation, spending time in prayer, meditations, devotions and worship, while reading Bible verses, such as Isaiah 61 and 1Peter2:9, and being thankful for the everyday blessings that our Creator has bestowed upon us through His presence, in His glory, while striving towards helping return our country, Bermuda, to the gem in the Atlantic that it always was, and with your support, we can all share in the joy and beauty that surrounds us, in peace and the pursuit of happiness.  Shalom.