The One Bermuda Alliance (“OBA”) was founded on the overriding principle of putting Bermuda first.  

We will make decisions and take actions that will uphold the standards and fairness that Bermudians are known for.

We do not believe that Bermudians want to be divided on the basis of race or class and we reject that approach. 

We will strive to achieve social and economic equity for all Bermudians through abiding by the following values when making policy and in everyday governance:

  • Opportunity. We will build a strong economy, provide safety and security and deliver a quality public education system to give every Bermudian the best opportunity to succeed. 
  • Inclusiveness.  We will push for a society that is inclusive, embraces diversity and protects the human rights of all Bermudians. We will be open minded and respectful of the views of other organizations and be collaborative in the best interests of Bermuda.

  • Fairness. Fairness to all Bermudians will form the basis of our actions as a government.  We will be guided by the principle of non-discrimination and equal rights, and the overriding principle that all people are equal before the law.

  • Transparency We are committed to transparency, open government and reform. We will hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards and always act in the manner that provides the greatest good for all Bermudians.

  • Responsibility.  We will pursue policies and programmes that will bring social and economic equity to all Bermudians and we will encourage Bermudians to take responsibility for their own actions and the care of their families. We will be committed stewards for Bermuda’s assets and resources in a responsible and prudent manner.

  • Integrity. We will have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse of public office. We will ensure that no conflict arises, or could reasonably be perceived to arise, between our public duties and our private interests, financial or otherwise.

  • Service. We will put Bermuda first, above the OBA and individuals with ties to the OBA. We will work for the benefit of all Bermuda’s people. Our job is to fulfil the expectations of those who have honoured us with their trust.  

OBA Constitution

Jeanne Atherden

"Under my leadership the OBA will follow a plan which demonstrates our values and the principles upon which we stand. It's about championing causes and tabling legislation which reflect the interest of the electorate. If we have the will, we have the power."

Jeanne Atherden

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