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Scott Pearman

MP for Constituency #22, Pembroke East

Contact details 294.3222 | [email protected]

Scott Pearman was born and raised in Paget and lives in the constituency with his wife and family. He has represented Paget East since 2018. His pledge is to put service before self, work with diligence and integrity to further the interests of the Paget community as well as the whole of Bermuda, and above all to do so with dignity and respect for those too often missing from our public discourse.

Scott is focused on ensuring that the community around us both supports and enriches our day-to-day lives. His education and training as a Barrister & Attorney and Accredited Mediator enable him to fulfil his current role as the Shadow Minister for Legal Affairs & Home Affairs. Part of his focus has been on Bermuda’s economy and finding ways to expand tourism and international business to generate more and better jobs for Bermudians.
Building a better Bermuda for all starts with a strong focus on education that effectively prepares Bermudians for a very challenging world. It means building and maintaining an economy that creates opportunities for all Bermudians to grow and prosper, and it means breaking down barriers that hold back individual development. It means making sure we live by a system that gives everyone a fair chance to succeed.

Compassion, inclusivity, and fair treatment need to be at the center of how we govern. This is the way to build One Bermuda, linking responsibility and trust, and with the understanding that we work best when we work together.

Constituency 22, Paget East, Bermuda