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Craig Cannonier

Bolder. Balanced. Better.

My Fellow Bermudians,

I am deeply honoured to present our ideas to you on behalf of Team OBA: Our Social Contract – Better for Bermuda.

This document is a reflection of your concerns and needs and what is best for Bermuda. It represents our solemn promise to you to be Better for Bermuda.

Our Social Contract takes into account our economic realities and social challenges. It contains policies and initiatives that will help all Bermudians be successful. From our education ideas to our plans to assist seniors, this is truly a contract that all Bermudians can believe in.

It is balanced, bold where we need to take steps to ensure Bermuda is not left behind in a global world, and contains better solutions to current, problematic issues. It is about stability and transformation.

Bermuda cannot be the society we all wish it to be unless it involves and engages our entire society. You will find throughout Our Social Contract – Better for Bermuda that we stand for cohesiveness, collaboration, consensus building and national conversations for change on matters like inclusiveness.

I am proud of the work the OBA did from 2012 to 2017. Bermuda was in the economic doldrums and our policies helped Bermuda immensely. We have a repeat of economic depression and must have the best team to manage the people’s money prudently – that is the OBA.

Our Party has gone through a period of reflection and rebuilding. This has culminated in a Party with new candidates and fresh ideas, along with tried and proven experience. Together, working with you, we will take Bermuda in a new, better, direction.

I pledge that we will do better, much better than what you have had to endure over the last three years. We will do better on education, protecting our vulnerable Bermudians, stimulating our economy, transforming healthcare, enhancing our public and uniformed services and transforming the way Bermuda is governed by giving power back to the communities we serve. We will leave no one behind.

I dream of a Bermuda marked by excellence. A Bermuda that is the safest place in which to live and work. A Bermuda in which the different dreams of our youth can all be realized. A Bermuda in which the people are put first and in which the divisive political rhetoric is a thing of the past and in which the people are always put first – people before politics.

This is a critical time for Bermuda. This is a time for change in Bermuda. Let history record we all made the choice for change when we were required so to do and started the process for a new Bermuda.

I am ready to serve you.
The OBA is ready to serve you.
We are ready to serve Bermuda.
We will be Better for Bermuda.
We will not let you down.

I ask that you vote for the One Bermuda Alliance on 1st October 2020.

Education for Global Players

Restorative Justice and Our Uniformed Services

Our Social Contract

Encouraging Equitable Wealth Creation & Economic Success

Our Youth Manifesto

Good Governance & Electoral Reform

Infrastructure and Tourism