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Where is the Premier’s plan? A speech by Craig Cannonier

By September 9, 2020No Comments

Good day Bermuda and members of the media.

I was delighted yesterday to unveil Robin Tucker and Marcus Jones as One Bermuda Alliance election candidates.

Today, there are more new faces – more great candidates to add to the new team I have assembled, who you will see over the coming days.

Catherine Kempe is a health professional and the OBA Deputy Chair and will be representing Constituency 14.

Jarion Richardson is a successful businessman, a former police officer, journalist and member of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

He will be representing Constituency 23.

Pat has served Bermuda well for many years. She has been a Minister, Shadow Minister and Opposition Leader. I thank her for her service in Constituency 23.

Bermuda, you have now seen four new and outstanding OBA candidates.

We are the right choice.

Throughout COVID, the Premier listened to the experts.

He listened to health professionals in Bermuda and overseas.

He listened to us sa well. I talked to him on regular basis.

Ben Smith sat on the Emergency Measures Organisation and Pat Gordon-Pamplin sat on the Economic Advisory Committee.

As a Party, we were involved in many discussions with the Premier’s team via video conferencing.

Yet when it comes to the economy, the Premier is unable to listen and take advice.

The extensive recommendations in the Bermuda First report – which he commissioned – appear to have been ignored.

The Financial Policy Council, which is chaired by the Premier’s finance minister, said that an economic recovery plan should be put in place “as a matter of urgency”.

We heard that, but did the Premier?

The Premier put out a call to Bermudians to help him with ideas. Has he listened to any of those?

Bermuda, we are listening.

We will soon unveil our social and economic plan.

We know how to instil confidence in the economy.

We know how to instil hope and we know how to create jobs for Bermudians.

We will do better.

We know how to instil confidence in the economy, we know how to instil hope and we know how to create jobs for Bermudians.

But we have learned from our own mistakes made along the way and we will do better. Jarion and Catherine know it. I know it and I believe you know it too.