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When will Bermuda see tougher dog laws introduced? – a statement from Opposition Shadow Leader Robin Tucker

By January 16, 2024January 17th, 2024No Comments

Why hasn’t Minister Roban shared with the public why new changes to the law regarding dangerous dogs are yet to implemented?

For several years, the public has been hearing pledges from Minister Roban that legislation will be tabled to help address the increasing number of dog-related issues.

After a series of high-profile dog attacks in 2022, Minister Roban was reported as saying that dog wardens would soon have increased powers to act more decisively. He added the regulations would be passed by negative resolution and once completed in the proper way they would be published and later go to the House [of Assembly] at the proper opportunity.

This, he said, was a way to get them in place quickly.

What has happened to the Minister’s unfulfilled pledge?

In early 2023, the police reported four separate dog attack incidents that occurred on the same day, one involving a 10-year-old child, two attacks on seniors, and an attack on a dog.

When questioned by Shadow Home Affairs Scott Pearman in the House of Assembly in March 2023 when the legislation would be forthcoming, Minister Roban admitted that it has taken a while but promised that “it will be done within this legislative session.”

It wasn’t.

Last week, in a media report of two loose dogs terrorizing vehicles and biting multiple people, Minister Roban’s office advised that a Canine Advisory Committee, initially appointed by Former OBA Environment Minister Jeanne Atherden who dealt with similar challenges in 2015, is being revived to help provide recommendations on legislative amendments which will be tabled this year.

We’ve heard too many times from the current PLP Government that promises made are promises kept. It doesn’t seem that way.

Where are the promises from 2022 and 2023?

Less talk and more action is needed. People are tired of broken promises from this Government. We need solutions and action before someone gets seriously hurt or worse.