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Tired of Premier rewriting history – A speech by Craig Cannonier

By September 9, 2020No Comments

Good day Bermuda, good day members of the media,

I have this week announced some of our future leaders.

They are fantastic people and I cannot wait to see them taking their seats in the House of Assembly, getting on with the work of making Bermuda a better place for all.

Today the faces before you are more familiar.

Scott Pearman was elected two years ago, but in that short time he has made a very considerable impact.

Not least, he has been tireless in pursuing an independent investigation into DCFS.

Sadly, the Attorney General, a PLP candidate in this election, has not done so. She has failed our vulnerable children.

He will again be standing in constituency 22.

Susan Jackson was first elected in 2012 and has been the Party whip. She also been tireless in her support of our seniors and a keen advocate for the environment.

Susan will be standing in constituency 20.

They are part of my exciting new team.

A team that will do better.

I am not going to make a long speech today.

But I am going to address some of the issues the Premier talked about this morning.

I am tired of the Premier’s attempt at rewriting history and misrepresenting the OBA’s record.

He is working on the principle that if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes the truth.

We did not double the debt.

We did not lose 2000 jobs during our time in Government.

No-one in Bermuda can deny that the OBA created jobs.

We created jobs through the America’s Cup. Those jobs were across the board from tourism to construction.

We created new jobs with hotels – the St. Regis. The Loren. They continue to employ Bermudians.

The airport has created jobs for Bermudians  …… and continues to do so.

Did anyone notice today that the Premier said the PLP had created 700 new jobs.

Didn’t he say earlier this week that it was 600 jobs?

Will it be one thousand jobs by tomorrow?

The Premier likes cherry to pick numbers and fling them around in a desperate attempt to make his record look better.

Bermuda we are the better choice.

We will do better than this Burt Administration.