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Our debt is so large we have difficulty understanding what it really means – a speech by Scott Pearman

By September 9, 2020No Comments

Just over two years ago I sat in this room and was rolled out as the new candidate for the Bye-Election in Paget East – Constituency 22.

The People of Paget East elected me to serve them.

I have done so to very best of my ability – with integrity and effort.


In 2018, I joined the House of Assembly as “the Newbie”.

This allowed me to view our Parliament with fresh eyes.

And what I saw was a need for change.

Change – so that in future our leaders work together to solve our Islands problems.

Change – so that in future our MP and Senators take decisions which are in the interests of ALL Bermudians – not just one segment of our community.

Change – so that in future we may recognise that we have more in common with each other, than that which divides us.


Two years in, I am still a relative Newbie.

But this week, the OBA has already rolled our several new candidates for the House of Assembly.

Candidates who believe in the need for change.

Candidates who believe that our politics can and must be better.


Many more new candidates will be rolled out by the ONE Bermuda Alliance in the coming days.

These Candidates bring with them their life experiences and – in many cases – specific expertise Bermuda needs. In education. In job creation. In healthcare.

And these new candidates bring a strong belief that Bermuda deserves better from our Politicians.

So, yes, there is hope for our future.


Importantly, the OBA’s three years in Opposition has bonded us into a team and taught us that we must do better.

But even more importantly, this new OBA team is a team that wants to win – not for ourselves — but for Bermuda as a whole. For ONE BERMUDA

The past two decades have witnessed an economic decline previously unknown to Bermudians.

Our debt is so large – almost $3 Billion – that we have difficulty understanding what that actually means for each and every one of us.

Well, if we don’t fix this debt, it may mean there are no buses in Bermuda, or no ferries, or no trash collection.

We cannot continue to live on borrowed time.


And there has been social decline as well. Our social fabric is damaged and badly needs mending.

A key example of this is the allegations of abuse and neglect of Bermudian children at the Department of Child and Family Services.

Why hasn’t there been a full and independent investigation.

Is this the type of community that we want for our future?


The One Bermuda Alliance is running on the promise that WE WILL DO BETTER

We will do better for one simple reason:

Bermuda deserves better.

The stark reality is that Bermuda needs all of us to work together to face the tough economic times that lay ahead.

Please – be a part of this change.

We will do better