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OBA Announcement – New Party Chair

By October 16, 2022October 18th, 2022No Comments

The One Bermuda Alliance is pleased to announce that Aguinaldo Medeiros is now the party’s Chairman, effective Saturday, 15 October 2022.

Mr. Medeiros, attended the Whitney Institute before attending York University in Ontario, Canada, where he graduated with two degrees; the first a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics); the second in Business Administration.

Mr. Medeiros possesses a wealth of knowledge in the hospitality industry, having worked for the Bermuda Department of Tourism’s Canadian office for 15 years. He has completed over a dozen Executive and Professional Development courses, earning certificates in Leadership, Communications and Public Speaking from the CMC (Canadian Management Centre) and the AMA (American Management Association).

After living overseas for a number of years, Mr. Mederios took the decision to return to Bermuda in November 2021. Committed to giving back to the country he loves, he decided to become active politically and joined the One Bermuda Alliance.

“I believe the One Bermuda Alliance, with its multitude of talent, experience and political savvy, is the one political party that is not only equipped to secure Bermuda’s future but one which is exclusively poised to return Bermuda to its former economic glory. It has done it before, and it will do it again,” he says.

“I am honoured to serve as Chairman of the party. I know there is a lot of work to do, but nothing that the One Bermuda Alliance cannot achieve.”

Party Leader, the Hon Cole Simons, JP, MP, says he is looking forward to working with Mr. Mederios: “Aggie brings energy, passion and enthusiasm to the party and community. He is committed to principled leadership. He is a compassionate person who listens and is well qualified for a leadership role in the Party and Bermuda.

He will be a vibrant and successful leader and chairman of the One Bermuda Alliance.”

Deputy Leader the Hon. Jarion Richardson, JP, MP echoed Mr. Simons’ sentiments: “Aggie is exactly what the party needs – a clear-headed, passionate and tenacious leader. He sees right to the heart of the matter. With him at the helm, the OBA will develop into a decisive and dedicated political team that continues to work tirelessly to strengthen communities, enforce integrity in politics and promote social fairness. He has a vision for Bermuda and will ensure the One Bermuda Alliance is positioned to deliver that promise.”

The OBA would like to thank outgoing Chairperson, Catherine Kempe, for all of her hard work during her tenure.