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I will do better – a speech by Susan Jackson

By September 9, 2020No Comments

Good afternoon Bermuda, Opposition leader, the constituents of Pembroke South West and members of the media.

We have a road to travel and it’s going to take each and every one of us to put our best foot forward every day.

It takes a strong moral compass to commit to Parliament and it’s for this reason, I ask the constituents of Pembroke South West to continue to support me and the One Bermuda Alliance.

It’s going to take strength to recover quickly from the effects of COVID-19.

It’s going to take commitment to make things right for Bermuda.

It’s going to take discipline to keep our faith, our health and our financial security

My responsibility in Parliament is to make sure our laws reflect the strength of this Island in times of recovery and prosperity.

And it’s my responsibility to keep our laws fair and inclusive of all people in Bermuda.

My vision for Bermuda is that we get this right.

As a country we must commit to keeping our environment clean and sustainable.

We must care for each other no matter our age, race, gender, sexual orientation or nationality.

We must always endeavour to make sure that what we do is fair and right.

That is the vision.

The One Bermuda Alliance is the party that knows how to turn that vision into reality.

We are successful professionals from all walks of life.

The One Bermuda Alliance knows how to earn an honest income.

We know how to find the investment that Bermuda so desperately needs.

I’ve spent seven years deeply involved in parliament.

I’ve learned what good laws look like … and bad.

I’ve had to endure all the political banter when we just need to get things done.

It’s our time to do better.

Parliament needs to clean up its act and secure the health and prosperity of our country.

It’s going to take a new way of thinking, with all hands on deck, to get the job done.

As your candidate for Pembroke South West my sleeves are rolled up and I continue to work hard for you and Bermuda.

I will do better. The OBA will do better.