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Bermuda has a permanent campaign machine in the PLP

By August 27, 2020No Comments

I will repeat what I said in response to the last PLP politricking statement – it is clear to everyone now that Bermuda does not have a Government in the PLP.

The PLP is merely a permanent campaign machine – making empty promises to voters and dividing Bermudians to cling to power.

This should alarm Bermudians as it means the focus is not on what matters most: fixing the economy and providing jobs.

As Jamahl Simmons admitted about the economy when appointed chair of the BEDC: “The worst is yet to come, economically.’ Most if not all Bermudians realize this, so where is the PLP plan?

The PLP was failing on the economy before Covid. The PLP continues to fail Bermudians now without any discernible economic plan. Bermudians need hope. The PLP and the Premier are failing us – all of us.

The PLP has been in power for 18 of the last 22 years. The things the PLP promised they would fix decades ago are still broken. Instead the PLP permanent campaign machine fixates on the OBA to deflect from the Government’s many failings.

I believe Bermudians see through that.

The PLP will not solve the many problems we Bermudians face by ignoring them.

We need to tackle the reality that people are facing. The solutions are there for all to see – the PLP need to seize them before it’s too late.