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Auditor General needs to investigate Savvy deal

By September 30, 2020October 21st, 2022No Comments

The Auditor General must investigate the deal made with Savvy Entertainment, according to Douglas De Couto, OBA candidate for Warwick North Central.

“There are so many questions about whether the people’s money was spent correctly that the only way of getting to the bottom of this loan is for the Auditor General to investigate.

“David Burt talks about his belief in transparency. If that is the case, I expect him to agree with this request. What is there to hide?

“We have been given excuses, David Burt tried to blame the civil service, but we have not been given answers.

“What are the assets that were mean to secure the loan? Do they exist? Why was money just handed over?

“The only way to find the answers to these questions is to have the Auditor General investigate. This money belongs to the people, we need to know where it has gone.

There are still too many questions that need answers: why were the police only notified when this came to light last week? Was there an intent to inform the police? Why was a foreign company with a foreign owner allowed to receive this money?

Statement from Douglas De Couto, OBA candidate for Warwick North Central