The OBA stands on its record.

  • Revival of Tourism Industry

    • Created Bermuda Tourism Authority
    • Multiple hotel developments across the island
    • Return of cruise ships to St. George’s and Hamilton
    • Increased airlift and air arrivals
  • Increased Economic Development

    • Economic growth for the first time since 2008
    • Government finances stabilized
    • Loans and support to small businesses & entrepreneurs
    • Infrastructure improvements, from roads and bridges to a new airport
  • Strengthened National Security

    • Lowest levels of crime since 2000
    • ‘Cashback’ support to community groups and clubs
    • Gang resistance training in schools, Team Street Safe in communities
    • An all-volunteer Royal Bermuda Regiment
  • Targeted Efforts to Help All Bermudians

    • Fair, progressive tax reform and payroll tax breaks for lower income earners
    • 24/7 ambulance service based in the East End and West End
    • Increased pensions, introduced Personal Home Care benefits for seniors
    • Broadened the scope of government scholarships to support students in need
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There is meaning and hope to be found in this holiday

By Senator Craig Cannonier, Deputy Leader One Bermuda Alliance, July 27, 2011

The great value of Cup Match is that all of us can step back from our day-to-day challenges and take a breather.

This year more than most, Bermudians are living with real doubts about the Island’s direction and our ability to find a way to a better future. Thousands are out of work. Family budgets are severely strained and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight.

The mood of the country is down. People are worried and our politics isn’t helping.

We need a break, and Cup Match might just be the antidote.

We’ve got four days to re-charge our batteries. Four days to relax. Four days to get close to family and friends, to enjoy the outdoors, watch cricket and play Crown & Anchor; four days to camp and barbecue and share some laughs.

Cup Match days are days that allow us to see more clearly the life we share with each other as Bermudians. This is the magic of Cup Match.

That perspective – our life together as Bermudians – is often lost in the grind of daily life. Cup Match gives us opportunities to see that we are members of a living, breathing, unique community of people – an extended family really – that has been forged by our forebears across centuries, through trial and triumph. Sure the family is demanding and restless; sometimes ill-tempered and often fractious; but it is also proud, caring, tough, compassionate, warm, friendly and always interesting. Take the next few days to see yourself as part of the Bermudian family. There is real value in it.

Cup Match is the celebration of Emancipation Day – one of the pivotal moments in our long, shared history; when we got on the track to becoming a civilized society.

The value of Emancipation Day is twofold for me: It reminds us how far we’ve come but it also underlines how far we still must go to ensure all our people are treated with fairness and equality.

For that surely must be the goal: a society no longer hobbled by the divisions and injustices of the past; where fair play is the order of the day, where people have the freedom to achieve their potential, and where the sense of shared destiny and belonging helps us, finally, to pull together as one people.

It is no coincidence that we celebrate Emancipation Day with Cup Match. Emancipation Day tells us we have work to do and Cup Match shows us the reward.

Yes, we are in the midst of tough times, but take this holiday time to see how much we have going for us as Bermudians – our talent, our energy, our identity. Take this time to appreciate the people around you. Take this time to appreciate this beautiful place we live. Our people, this island, have all the answers we need. We are the solution.

God bless you and enjoy the holiday.

Michael Dunkley

"I want to assure the people of this country that their Government is unawavering in the commitment to improving this economy and restoring prosperity and success as part of the Bermuda story."

Michael Dunkley

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