Vic Ball

Constituency #9, Smith’s West | Polling station: St. Patrick’s Church Hall

Contact details 294.3209 | [email protected]

The OBA has proven to be the party to get the economy back on track and must do it again so that we can enter into an era of shared prosperity.
I will fight for my constituents and will hold the Government to account over its decisions that negatively impact hard working Bermudians – just as Trevor Moniz did through his years of service.

Candidate profile

Vic Ball is a husband, a father of two boys aged 11 and 8, and a graduate of the Bermuda Institute, with a further degree in Business & Economics from Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts. As an entrepreneur, Vic brings a real-life understanding of running successful businesses. As a former Senator, Vic knows how Government finances must be managed – carefully and for the benefit of all.

Vic contributes to the community as a political commentator, writing well-informed, hard-hitting opinions in The Royal Gazette. He consistently holds Government to account, demanding that our Island’s resources are managed effectively, in a balanced way and for the good of everyone. Bermudians are rightly concerned about the declining economy and lack of jobs. The education of our children requires desperate attention. Crime is on the rise. The negative impact of these problems on Bermudian families is tremendous, especially for our children. Vic is committed to tackling these challenges for the betterment of our island home.


  • Husband and father of two boys
  • Former OBA Senator
  • Straight talking newspaper columnist
  • Former Devonshire Colts and PHC footballer
  • An entrepreneur who has helped to start three successful businesses
  • BA Atlantic Union College

“I am returning to Bermuda’s political arena with one principal intention. That intention is to assist Bermuda to enter in an era of shared prosperity by combined effort through visionary leadership.

“Like never before, Bermudians require leadership that inspires us to pull together. We need public servants, the private sector, business and labour, young and old, blacks and whites to commit resources and to put our best foot forward under a national plan to improve the lives of everyone. Bermudians, we are not required to accept that our best years are behind us. We have what it takes for our country to be a prosperous nation. We must continually remind ourselves that our Government’s primary role is to develop, manage and allocate resources for the benefit of all Bermudians. Once this is understood by all, then we can move away from blind party loyalty.

“We will no longer allow any Government to deflect from its failures while our standard of living continues to decline. I would appreciate your vote of confidence in representing Constituency 9 and also to help guide Bermuda, via visionary leadership, through the tough and challenging economic times that we are facing.

The legislative experience you need

Vic Ball represented the OBA Government in the Senate from 2014 to 2017 and was the Junior Minister of Tourism for part of his tenure. This experience means he can hit the ground running when elected to the House of Assembly. Serving as the Junior Minister of Tourism was a wonderful experience during a time of major tourism growth for Bermuda. In the Senate, Vic helped pass legislation to create Bermudian jobs – with new hotel developments at The Loren and the St. Regis in St. George’s – and to bring the America’s Cup to Bermuda. He was part of the OBA team that attracted close to $1 Billion of foreign investment into Bermuda, greatly benefitting Bermuda and thousands of Bermudians.

Entrepreneurship is vital to Bermuda’s future

Vic’s entrepreneurial spirit has seen him create and operate a series of successful Bermudian businesses. Vic successfully operated Caldor Distributors, a wholesale health food business and was a partner in the consultancy firm Strategic Procurement Solutions, which focused on professional development for individuals to advance in Bermuda’s marketplace. Currently, he is a partner in the popular FryDays Bermuda Limited which has brought innovation and creativity into the local restaurant market. FryDays has also added vision and creativity to the entertainment market with the popular gaming lounge in Hamilton and the trampoline park in Dockyard – both favourites for families.

Fighting fit to work for you

Vic played football with Devonshire Colts winning many trophies, including the historic treble by being the first team from the lower division to win the FA Cup. Vic also played with neighbourhood team PHC and made history – winning the league in their first year back in the Premier Division.

Vic As The OBA Candidate for Smith’s West

“The OBA believes in one Bermuda and so do I. The OBA has proven to be the party to get the economy back on track and must do it again so that we can enter into an era of shared prosperity. In this new decade, Bermuda requires leadership that inspires us to pull together as one people.”

Trevor Moniz is a hard act to follow

I count Trevor as a friend and was surprised when he told me of his decision to retire from politics. I thought he would go on forever! His tenacity, political skills and experience will be missed. Yes, Trevor will be a hard act to follow, but I will be up for the challenge. I will fight for my constituents and will hold the Government to account over its decisions that negatively impact hard-working Bermudians – just as Trevor has done through his years of service. I am hopeful that the people of Smith’s West will allow me to represent you in the House of Assembly.

Constituency 9, Smith's West. Bermuda