Tarik Smith

Tarik Smith

Constituency #24, Warwick South East | Polling station: Warwick Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall

Contact details 294.3224 | [email protected]

If elected, I will be the accessible MP – serving the needs of the people of Warwick, championing their voices and growing Bermuda into a place we can all be proud of and thrive in.
At the end of the day I believe we all want what’s best for this Island, and maybe if we stopped to listen to each other in an effort to collectively solve the issues, we can come to better understanding

Candidate profile

Tarik Smith has loved politics since he was a child – but not politics for politics’ sake or for personal gain. Tarik’s passion is to help people and to create change.

He is a fresh face for the One Bermuda Alliance – answering the public call for new candidates and new ideas.


  • Grew up in South Shore, Warwick
  • Manages his family’s century-old Warwick business
  • Works with young people to encourage them to get ahead

Tarik’s family has deep roots in Warwick. His great-grandfather owned and ran a well-known carpentry business. His father started Ord Road Laundry in 1987 and Tarik helps to manage the business and in 2018 helped transition the laundromat and commercial laundry into a new purpose-built facility.

Tarik was inspired to enter politics in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis which saw the Bermuda community come together, just as they do for hurricanes and other emergencies.

Now facing unprecedented challenges, Bermuda needs Members of Parliament who will listen to their constituents and work for them. Tarik is that person, having spent the last 15 years as an everyday presence in Warwick. He is one of you.

Better education for a better Bermuda

Tarik is concerned about the state of education in Bermuda, and about the status of TN Tatem Middle School. He would like to see public schools improve by taking the politics out of education and supporting teachers better, so that every child in Bermuda has the chance to get a top-notch education.

Giving more Bermudians the chance to have a real stake in the Island is vital for Bermuda’s future – but you owning and running a business requires the educational tools and skills too many of our schools fail to deliver to all our students. Tarik is determined to change that.

A safer Bermuda is a better Bermuda

Many Bermudians and constituents in Warwick South East are living insecure lives. They face anti-social behaviour, fears that they will not have insurance for health care, rising prices and rising taxes and an economy in which thousands of jobs have been lost due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Only new ideas and innovative thinking can give people the financial and personal security they have earned and deserve. More importantly, they need to be heard, not told what to think.

Tarik and the OBA will listen and respect what others are saying, use good ideas no matter where they come from and find common ground so Bermuda can move forward together. Bermuda, we will put people first and we will do better.

Constituency 24, Warwick South East, Bermuda