Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson

Constituency #20, Pembroke South West | Polling station: Dellwood Middle School

Contact details 294.3220 | [email protected]

I approach public service with a deep sense of responsibility and pride. I believe trust is the most important ingredient for effective representation and that trust must be earned.
We will do better as a community when we put our differences aside and work to bring about a better Bermuda

Putting the community first

Long before Susan Jackson entered politics, she was involved in the community and social work. As Chairman of Summerhaven, she saw how important it was to ensure the dignity of the physically challenged, while her involvement in the Bermuda Diabetes Association taught her how we can prevent people from suffering from this deadly disease.

As a speech pathologist in her first career, she experienced first-hand the importance of supportive education to give all of our young people a real chance in life.

That’s why Susan joined the One Bermuda Alliance and why she ran for Parliament – to ensure all Bermudians can do better and have a real opportunity to succeed.

Providing representation that you can trust

“Since you trusted me with your vote in 2012 and 2017, I have been honoured to work to better the quality of life for all of my constituents, regardless of party. Whether it has been helping to establish a neighbourhood watch group, improving road safety on Pitts Bay Road or organising door to door trash collection on Mills Point Road, I have seen that fixing what might seem to be “little” things makes a big difference in people’s lives.”

Our biggest challenge

Since being elected in 2012, Susan has fought hard for all of the people of Bermuda.

Now with the Covid-19 crisis and parts of our economy stalled, we face an even bigger fight. At the start of the crisis, the Bermuda community came together like never before. As politicians, we put our differences aside to contain and eliminate the biggest health challenge of the century.

As we emerge from the crisis, we must do better to ensure our fellow Bermudians have good jobs that don’t just put food on the table and a roof over their heads, but give them a genuine feeling Bermuda is working for them.

We face a health and economic crisis that has put many of our most vulnerable at even greater risk than they were before. Ensuring that they and Bermuda are safe requires building a better Bermuda for all.

That means an education system that effectively prepares Bermudians for a very challenging world. It means rebuilding an economy that creates opportunities for all Bermudians to grow and prosper. It means an accessible and affordable health system where we can choose our health provider – and get the best care.

This can only be done by One Bermuda – a Bermuda that comes together to share sacrifices and to do better, not a Bermuda that emphasises its differences and engages in negative attacks.

We will do better

Susan was a proud member of the One Bermuda Alliance Government of 2012-17.

“Together, the OBA brought Bermuda back from the economic brink but recognises we could have achieved more. Where we made mistakes, we have learned from them and we will apply those lessons when re-elected to government.

We will do better as a community when we put our differences aside and work to bring about a better Bermuda.

“That’s why I am part of One Bermuda and why I hope you will be too.”

Constituency 20, Pembroke South West, Bermuda