Simone Barton

Constituency #6, Hamilton West | Polling station: Midland Heights Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall

Contact details 294.3206 | [email protected]

Many politicians claim to be close to the hearts of their communities. Simone Barton can literally feel Bermuda’s heartbeat as the CEO of the Bermuda Heart Foundation.

As such, she sees the Island’s healthcare challenges up close and has endeavoured to find solutions that don’t just sound good, but work.


  • CEO of the Bermuda Heart Foundation,
  • Founder of CORE Heart Health Centre
  • In 2011, named one of Bermuda’s most influential women in 100 years.
  • OBA Chair 2018-2020
  • OBA candidate for Constituency 6 in 2017
  • A doer, not a talker

Over the course of her career, Simone has managed several successful businesses in diverse industries, climbing the ranks through her entrepreneurial spirit, becoming a CEO to a large foundation providing support in the health field. There she raised $750, 000 to create Bermuda’s first Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre. She also was successful in persuading insurance companies to include prevention as an insurable benefit.

In 2013 she became a member of the Bermuda Health Council and was appointed the Council’s Chair in 2015. Simone does not just talk about health reform, she makes it happen, ensuring that prevention of chronic and avoidable diseases like heart disease and diabetes is at the centre of health care, not an afterthought.

Building an economy that works for everyone

Simone is worried about Bermuda’s soaring debt burden and how future generations will meet the obligations being drawn up now. She believes that prudent financial management and aggressive and innovative efforts to expand the economy will create jobs and reduce debt.

For three years before the Covid-19 crisis, the economy stagnated and the only growth came from projects and programmes initiated under the One Bermuda Alliance government. Now, with the economy stalled, there is only one party with the experience and proven record to bring about an economic recovery. We will do better.

Constituency 6, Hamilton West