Scott Stewart

Constituency #15, Pembroke East | Polling station: National Sports Center, Sports Pavilion

Contact details 294.3215 | [email protected]

Candidate profile

Scott Stewart has lived his entire life in Pembroke and is running for the One Bermuda Alliance to give Pembroke East (Constituency 15) voters a voice when they have been taken for granted for too long.

Scott has spent much of his career working with young people and understands the challenges they face.


  • Former Member of the Treatment of Offenders Board
  • Teacher at Westgate
  • Successful manager of Sun Control Company
  • Manager of guest apartments
  • Husband and father of two

Through working with young people in summer day camps, Youth Parliament and the Boy Scouts, and more recently through his work with prison inmates, Scott has on the ground experience of the challenges many young people face in Pembroke East and throughout Bermuda.

In the wake of the historic job losses incurred as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, those challenges are greater than ever and Bermuda needs a Government that will put people ahead of power, not the other way around.

Scott has been a member of the OBA since 2012 – and ran in this constituency in that election and in 2017 – and believes that only by working together can Bermuda work better. We will do better!

Constituency 15, Pembroke East, Bermuda