Robin Tucker

Robin Tucker

Constituency #7, Hamilton South | Polling station: Harrington Sound Primary School

Contact details 294.3210 | [email protected]

We all want a thriving economy and fair-paying jobs. We all want to live in healthy and safe communities. I joined the One Bermuda Alliance because it offers the better way to achieve these goals for Hamilton South and Bermuda.
I am a wife, mother and grandmother who is worried about the mounting debt that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to repay. The OBA has a better way.

Candidate profile

Robin Tucker is a lifelong learner who always strives to improve herself. After working at Conyers as a Corporate Administrator she went back to school, enrolling at Bermuda College and getting her Associate of Arts in Psychology. After returning to her employer and working in human resources, she determined to advance further and moved to Canada to get her BA in Psychology, graduating with honours.

Since returning to Bermuda, she has worked in human resources and recruiting for Appleby and is now human resource manager at Mid-Ocean Club, whom she helped get its Investors in People Gold accreditation on the first attempt. She is now studying for an MBA.

As a senior human resources manager, robin knows that successful organisations always put their people first.

Having been uninvolved in politics, she joined the One Bermuda Alliance because it puts all people, not power, first and will do better for Bermuda.

Safeguarding the future

Robin is running in Hamilton South – where she has worked for five years – because she wants to make sure that Bermuda’s spiralling debt does not drown her children and grandchildren.

As someone who has spent her life adding to her educational achievements, Robin wants to make sure that our children and grandchildren receive first-class educations which enable them to secure good and fulfilling jobs in which they have the tools to excel.

Robin knows that even before the Covid-19 crisis, some Bermudians were struggling and the Bermuda economy was not working for them. For three years, the Bermuda economy has stagnated while other countries have moved ahead. Robin joined the OBA to be part of a team that will turn this around.

Education, Education, Education

If elected, Robin will work day and night to ensure our educators have the skills, professional development opportunities and resources needed to deliver quality education for every child. And she will advocate for parents to work with teachers so our children are able to fulfil their potential and get the opportunities they need and deserve.

Robin will also make sure that no vulnerable children are left to fend for themselves or are thrown into an uncaring system with no one to look out for their best interests.

We will do better

Robin has pledged to work for you. She has not entered politics to get what she can from the system, but to give what she can and to put people ahead of power. Robin will help Bermuda do better as part of a One Bermuda government.

Constituency 7, Hamilton South, Bermuda