Patricia Gordon-Pamplin

Patricia Gordon-Pamplin

Constituency #11, Devonshire East | Polling station: Christ Church Devonshire

Contact details 294.3211 | [email protected]

Patricia Gordon-Pamplin has spent more than 20 years serving the Bermuda public through politics, continuing a family legacy which started with her father, Bermuda National Hero Dr EF Gordon, and continuing with her sister Pamela who was Bermuda’s first female Premier.

After winning five elections in her constituency of Paget West, Patricia is now representing the One Bermuda Alliance in Devonshire East – Constituency 11.


  • MP since 1999
  • Minister of Health, Works and Home Affairs 2012-17
  • Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • Senior reinsurance executive
  • Avid tennis player and member of the all-conquering “Big Blue Machine” Bermuda softball team
  • Mother of two sons

An independent voice

Patricia first entered the political fray in 1993, running as an Independent candidate in Warwick against the then-Immigration Minister to protest the inequitable spousal immigration policy of the time. Although unsuccessful at the polls, the policy was later changed.

Through her time in politics, Patricia has built a reputation as a straight talker who is not afraid to defy the powers that be when she believes right is on her side. She has shown courage in standing her ground when others would have given up.

Building a better economy

As a senior financial executive and accountant, Patricia understands how the Bermuda economy works and how it can be made to work better for the benefit of all. As Shadow Minister of Finance, she has pushed for reductions in payroll tax to help to increase employment and to raise work permit fees to encourage Bermudian employment.

As chair of the Public Accounts Committee, she has kept a laser focus on Government spending, making sure that taxpayers get value for money.

As a former Health Minister, she also understands the balance required to make sure Bermudians get good and affordable health care which is also sustainable.

The voters of Devonshire East value MPs who have the courage to speak for them. We will do better!

Constituency 11, Devonshire East, Bermuda