Hon Michael H. Dunkley

Constituency #10, Smith’s North | Polling station: Somersfield Academy

Contact details 734.8153 | [email protected]

In 2007, Michael Dunkley moved from the area he had represented for ten years to attempt to give new leadership to the voters of Smith’s North – Constituency 10. He was not successful in that first attempt, falling short.

He promised to continue to work with the residents of this constituency and four years later, they rewarded that work and elected him under the banner of the One Bermuda Alliance. Michael was privileged to represent Smith’s North in the House of Assembly while serving in the Government, first as Minister of National Security and then as Premier.

In 2017, the voters of Bermuda opted for a change but the voters of Constituency 10 again gave Michael their support and it has been his honour to continue to serve them.


  • Premier, 2014-2017
  • MP/Senator since 1997
  • Devoted husband and father of two daughters
  • Experienced businessman
  • Minister of National Security 2012-16
  • Voted “Bermuda’s Most Effective Politician”
  • Former Premier Division footballer and cricketer
  • B.A., University of Richmond

We will do better

The great American writer Maya Angelou once said: “While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated.”

When Michael lost his seat in 2007, he refused to be defeated. It just encouraged him to work harder to gain the voters’ confidence.

Michael is proud of his record as Premier of Bermuda and the way the One Bermuda Alliance bought Bermuda back from the economic brink.

But the voters told us that we could do better – and we will.

Compassion, education, opportunity and teamwork

Now with the Covid-19 crisis and parts of our economy stalled, we face an even bigger fight than we did in 2012. At the start of the crisis, the Bermuda community came together like never before. As politicians, we put our differences aside to contain and eliminate the biggest health challenge of the century.

As we emerge from the crisis, we must do better to ensure our fellow Bermudians know that as they work for Bermuda, Bermuda is working for them.

We face a health and economic crisis that has put many of our most vulnerable at greater risk than ever before. Ensuring they are safe requires building a better Bermuda for all.

That means an education system that effectively prepares Bermudians for a very challenging world. It means rebuilding an economy that creates opportunities for all Bermudians to grow and prosper. It means an accessible and affordable health system where we can choose our health provider – and get the best care.

This can only be done by One Bermuda – a Bermuda that comes together to share sacrifices and to do better, not a Bermuda that emphasises its differences and engages in negative attacks.

One Bermuda is a better Bermuda

We will do better as a community when we put our differences aside and work to bring about a better Bermuda. That’s why Michael is part of One Bermuda and why we hope you will be too.

Born June 18th, 1958, to Henry “Bill” Dunkley (deceased) and Marye Lee Dunkley. Educated at Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda, Trinity College School in Port Hope Ontario Canada and graduated from the University of Richmond in 1980. Married to Pamela on May 23rd 1981, they have two daughters, Christine and Brooke. Michael is widely recognized throughout the island of Bermuda as a very successful and astute businessman, in addition to being a respected politician who is extremely dedicated to the island and its people. Renowned for his work ethic and never say die attitude. First entered politics in 1997 with his election to the House of Assembly in Bermuda. On December 17th 2012 the One Bermuda Alliance won a historic General Election and Michael was appointed the Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety. Before being elected Michael served on numerous government boards in Bermuda among them the Hospital Insurance Commission, the Board of Agriculture and the Immigration Board. He has been often recognized by the Best of Bermuda Gold Awards published by the Bermudian Magazine for his work in politics and in 2007 was voted “Most Effective Politician.”

As a businessman, he is President and Chief Executive Officer of Dunkley’s Dairy, a milk processing plant and one of the largest food importers. President of Island Properties Ltd, a property management company and is President of Dunkley’s Management Holdings Ltd, a management consultant company. Past President of The Mid Ocean Club from 1999- 2005 and 2008 – 2011 and now an honorary member of the club. Has always been a very avid sportsman, former first division soccer player, winner of the club championship at The Mid Ocean Club on numerous occasions and also a former premier division cricket player in Bermuda. Used to play a good deal of squash, tennis and basketball. Today still enjoys keeping fit and works out just about every day. Michael is a keen family man who is immensely proud of his wife and two daughters.

Constituency 10, Smith's North, Bermuda