Michael Cann

Constituency #35, Sandys North Central | Polling station: St. James Church Hall

Contact details 294.3235 | [email protected]

Candidate profile

Michael Cann has entered Bermuda politics because he recognised it was no use complaining about the direction Bermuda is going in if you aren’t willing to do something about it.

Michael is worried that even before the Covid-19 crisis, people were hurting as the Bermuda economy stagnated and he joined the One Bermuda alliance because he believes it has shown it has the better ideas to get people working again – in Sandys North Central and throughout the Island.


  • Married with one stepdaughter
  • Attended West End Primary, Sandys Secondary School and the Berkeley Institute
  • Corporal in the Royal Bermuda Regiment
  • Went with Raleigh International to Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Born and raised in Cooks Hill, Somerset, Michael is an assistant manager at the Somerset MarketPlace and is an everyday presence in the community.

After leaving Berkeley, Michael attended Centennial College in Canada but had to return home when his mother became mortally ill and he and his sister care for her until she tragically passed away. That experience gave Michael firsthand experience of the limitations in Bermuda’s health care system and the need for comprehensive care for the sick and the elderly. He is now studying for an online degree.

Michael has always been interested in politics and with other young people, is injecting new ideas and energy into the One Bermuda Alliance.

He is deeply concerned about the economy and the death of ideas coming from the Progressive Labour Party government to generate good jobs for Bermuda’s young people.

Many young people are working in low paying jobs where the only way to make it is to work more and more hours, leaving no time for them to contribute to their community,” he says. “We need to be more innovative in how we build the economy and look seriously at things like vertical and hydroponic farming.”

Constitency 35, Sandys North Central, Bermuda