Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones

Constituency #19, Pembroke West | Polling station: West Pembroke Primary School

Contact details 294.3219 | [email protected]

Candidate profile

I wanted to be part of an alliance of community-minded, fiscally responsible and forward-thinking people, who have sincere concerns for the hardships of its residents and believe in advocating for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.”
Together we can make One Bermuda happen. With a proven record, the OBA has the ideas to get the economy back on track and must do it again so we can again enter into an era of shared prosperity.

Husband and father Marcus Jones has been in the hotel industry for 25 years and has done virtually every job from waiter to General Manager. Highlights include being Director of Finance, Novotel Toronto Center (Canada), and General Manager overseeing the opening of The Wharf Executive Suites in Warwick, Grape Bay Beach Resort in Paget, and 9 Beaches Resort in Sandys.

Public service is part of Marcus’s DNA. In his late teens, he served as a youth director in his local church, mentoring the next generation to spiritual awareness. His involvement in PTAs, foster parenting and neighbourhood watches show his commitment to the community and improving the quality of life for all Bermudians.

Politics was a natural progression. Marcus ran for election for the Progressive Labour Party but moved to the OBA because of its emphasis on inclusion and diversity.

He became an OBA Senator in 2018, and Opposition Leader of the Senate shortly thereafter. Our community faces many challenges, especially in the wake of Covid-19 and Marcus believes we must bring people together to meet those challenges. He was attracted to the OBA’s aspiration to be representative of all the people of Bermuda, rather than a select group.

If elected, Marcus would seek to represent the people of Pembroke West in Parliament honourably, working tirelessly to represent your interests, serving as an advocate for the most vulnerable, and finding ways to stimulate the post-Covid 19 economy in order to create jobs for Bermudians.


  • Married to wife Sophia and father of a son and daughter
  • Appointed to the Senate, 2018, Opposition Leader of the Senate, 2019
  • Former general manager of several Bermuda hotels
  • PTA president of alma mater West End Primary School
  • Member, Foster Parent Association
  • Co-founder, Cook’s Hill Neighbourhood Watch
  • BA in Economics, Trent University

To make Bermuda better

Marcus Jones believes a revitalised hospitality industry is essential to Bermuda’s future. We must welcome people to our Island home. Tourism provides vital jobs for our people, showcasing our Bermudian talents.

Marcus also knows that Bermuda’s complex economy requires more than just a revitalised tourism industry. With a degree in economics from Trent University in Toronto, Marcus knows that Bermuda’s economy is sustained by international business, providing jobs for so many Bermudians. He also knows the vital importance of entrepreneurial, Bermudian businesses, which are the lifeblood of our community, allowing for Bermudian economic ownership and prosperity.

After several years of neglect, our economy needs desperate attention. We need to get the economy back on track – to ensure future jobs for our Bermudians, young and old. To achieve that goal, we need people in Parliament who understand how to renew the economy – and how to create jobs. We need people like Marcus, who know the value of hard work.

Civility and values matter

Marcus believes values are our core – responsibility, integrity, respect, and fairness are things that matter in our community. And they matter now more than ever.

Service to others – and responsibility for each other – are the things our community needs most. Marcus believes we must put Bermuda first: our Island and our People are more important than party loyalty. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided by those who seek to benefit from division.

We must demand the highest ethical and moral standards from our public servants. Marcus seeks to fulfil the expectations of those who place trust in him.

Serving Bermuda in the Senate

Marcus’ Senate experience will serve his constituents well in the House of Assembly.

In the Senate, Marcus was pivotal in blocking the anti-democratic attacks on the Corporations of Hamilton and St. George.

Restoring the economy and promoting fairness

Bermudians are known for fairness. Our singular goal must be this: social and economic equity, working together to create opportunities for everyone.

We must encourage each other to take responsibility for our own actions, including the care of our families. We are stewards for Bermuda’s resources, including our people.

A strong economy is a must – a renewed financial foundation is needed, to deliver quality public education, and to create new opportunities and jobs for Bermudian success.

Serving our community

When one adds value to people by serving them, you will lift them up, help them advance and make them a part of something bigger than themselves, such as the interests of Bermuda as a whole.

Marcus as the OBA candidate for Pembroke West

Together we can make One Bermuda happen. With a proven record, the OBA has the ideas to get the economy back on track and must do it again so we can again enter into an era of shared prosperity.

Jeanne Atherden was a first-class Member of Parliament for the people of Pembroke West. She deserves our thanks for her tenacity and hard work.

“If elected, I will do my best for the people of Pembroke West – I humbly ask you to permit me to represent you in the House of Assembly.”

Constituency 19, Pembroke West, Bermuda