Leah Scott

Leah Scott

Constituency #30, Southampton East Central | Polling station: Heron Bay Primary School

Contact details 294.3230 | [email protected]

The opportunity to serve my country as an agent of change outweighs any challenge or obstacle I have faced during my terms as a Member of Parliament.
I aim to be the type of leader that I want to see in government, which is why I am committed to helping to reform and improve the lives of all of who reside in our island home.

Leah Scott has a proven track record of putting people first in politics, both as a member of the first One Bermuda Alliance Cabinet and now as Deputy Opposition Leader and in her community service.

Her mission in life is to change the circumstances that create societal and economic inequalities in Bermuda.

Leah attributes her drive to her mother, Ritchie. “We were smart, we were driven and we were always encouraged to do the best we could do, not just what was necessary.” It is with this spirit that Leah represents the constituency of Southampton East Central.


  • MP for Southampton East Central since 2012
  • Deputy Opposition Leader & Shadow Minister of Tourism and Transport & Regulatory Affairs
  • Legal counsel and executive member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Bermuda chapter
  • Director and Secretary, The Sunshine League
  • Former director of PRIDE, Youth Net
  • Avid cyclist and triathlete
  • BSc, Morgan State University, Diploma in Law, College of Law of England and Wales

Leah’s message to Southampton East Central

I have been honoured to represent the people of Constituency 30 – Southampton East Central since 2012.

Through my time in the House of Assembly, I have been a consistent voice advocating for ways to reduce economic inequities in Bermuda.

I remain involved in politics because I want to contribute to the elimination of the societal and economic inequities that we face. These inequities exist on multiple levels, and unless they are eliminated at the root, will remain in place for years to come.

I am committed to being a part of the process that makes the policies and laws that beneficially impact Bermudians. We can only advance foundational change when we create a legislative framework that realistically addresses the abolition of systemic inequality.

We will do better

Leah’s passion is mentoring young people, promoting education and helping working women balance the demands of both career and family. She has become a leader of the One Bermuda Alliance

because she has been both personally and professionally affected by many of the current issues plaguing our island – the disintegration of the family unit, the challenges with the public- education system, the decline in international business and the continuously escalating national debt. She believes that the OBA is the change Bermuda needs to restore economic confidence and create new jobs. Leah is also concerned about persistent inequalities facing women, particularly single parents, including financial inequality and their having to carry the family burden alone. She believes that now is the time to begin the process of bringing Bermuda back to a position of strength and prosperity.

Constituency 30, Southampton East Central