Jarion Richardson

Jarion Richardson

Constituency #23, Paget West | Polling station: St. Paul’s Church Hall, Paget

Contact details 294.3223 | [email protected]

Serving in the military and the police taught me that there is nothing more fulfilling than taking responsibility. Hiding insults behind eloquence is no way to make Bermuda a better place. The OBA puts people before power, not the other way around.
I am humbled to be asked to step into the shoes of Patricia Gordon Pamplin. If I can deliver the same clear thinking and straight talk that she did for Paget West, I will be satisfied.

Candidate profile

Real-life experience to make Bermuda better

Jarion Richardson married Tiffany (Throne) Richardson in 2007 and they are the parents of two daughters, Riley and Rebekah.

They live in Paget but Jarion’s family has deep roots in St. David’s and St. George’s. However, Jarion was raised in Somerset and attended Southampton Glebe School, packed groceries, swam from the rocks and Somerset Bridge and was a member of the area’s Sea Cadet unit. Inspired by travelling with the Sea Cadets, he eventually attended and graduated from the Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia and Florida Air Academy in Florida.

Jarion founded Certainty having previously worked as the Compliance Manager for Appleby, Bermuda and at the Bermuda Monetary Authority where he helped to establish Bermuda’s compliance standards and training for anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing.

Previously, Jarion was an officer with the Bermuda Police Service, serving first in community policing and then as a detective constable in the intelligence division. He also served in the Royal Bermuda Regiment, becoming a Corporal in the Medic Section and spending six weeks on exercise in Morocco – a life-changing experience.

Jarion is a former Director of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation a past master in Lodge St. George GRS 200.

Experience and leadership

  • Married with two daughters
  • OBA Senator since 2019
  • Founder of Certainty Ltd., regulatory and compliance solutions company
  • Former Bermuda Police Detective and former Bermuda Regiment Corporal
  • Former Compliance manager with the Bermuda Monetary Authority and Appleby
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Bermuda Sea Cadets volunteer
  • Former President of Peace Lutheran Church Council

Civility and values matter

Service to others – and responsibility for each other – are the things our community needs most. Jarion believes we must put Bermuda first: our Island and our People are more important than party loyalty. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided by those who seek to benefit from division.

We must demand the highest ethical and moral standards from our public servants. Jarion has spent his career ensuring that the public’s trust is not betrayed and that there is no place in Bermuda for corruption or abuse of power.

Serving Bermuda in the Senate

Jarion was appointed to the Senate in 2020 and has quickly earned a reputation for honest talk and a willingness to put political differences aside to get things done and to make Bermuda better. He has the experience and the energy necessary to represent you in the House of Assembly.

In the Senate, Jarion has been a strong advocate for prudent financial management of the public’s money, transparent and honest management of public finances, the health and safety of the community in the Covid-19 crisis and of the need to balance security from crime with ensuring victims and accused persons are treated fairly.

Restoring the economy and promoting fairness

Bermudians are known for fairness. Our singular goal must be this: social and economic equity, working together to create opportunities for everyone.

We must encourage each other to take responsibility for our own actions, including the care of our families. We are stewards for Bermuda’s resources, including our people.

A strong economy is a must – a renewed financial foundation is needed, to deliver quality public education, and to create new opportunities and jobs for Bermudian success.

Constituency 23, Paget West, Bermuda