Elizabeth Harvey

Constituency #5, Hamilton East | Polling station: Francis Patton Primary School

Contact details 294.3205 | [email protected]

We have a community that looks after each other like nowhere I’ve ever known. We are proud of who we are, and our way of life and we defend it fiercely. But today we’re at a crossroads – our country is in trouble.
I am supporting the OBA – we need a credible alternative to the current government. We need a party that has a proven track record in getting our economy back to where it should be.

Candidate profile

Elizabeth Harvey was born and grew up in Bermuda from a long line of Bermudian family doctors. She attended school in Bermuda and gained a BA in French and Russian from the University of Exeter in the UK before returning to Bermuda to work as a journalist. She continued her career in PR and communications in the UK before moving back to Bermuda in 2006 to work as a senior member of the communications team at PartnerRe.

She came back to Bermuda so her children could live in a close community where they would have “a strong identity and to really know where they were from”.


  • Public Relations professional and former journalist
  • Works in Reinsurance
  • Wife and mother of two
  • Fixing our economy to protect our community

As a working woman and a mother, Elizabeth is concerned about the enormous debt Bermuda continues to accumulate under the present government. She is fearful for the future of her children and for her fellow Bermudians. During the Covid lockdown, she volunteered for the Seventh Day Adventist Church in St David’s handing out meals and groceries. She experienced firsthand how vulnerable many people in Bermuda are and how dependent they are on the third sector to get by and she would like a more robust safety net for Bermudians who fall on hard times.

Education key to a better future

Bright, well-educated Bermudians are making their way to the top in the business sector in Bermuda but there should be more and education is the key. Elizabeth would like to see the attainment gap close between the private and public sectors by taking the politics out of education and supporting teachers better so that every child in Bermuda has the chance to get a top-notch education.

We will do better

Elizabeth is a candidate for the OBA to represent the people of Hamilton East. She has been listening to their concerns about the unsustainable costs of medical care and their fears for the future. She shares their concerns and she is ready to fight on their behalf.

Constituency 5, Hamilton East, Bermuda