Dwayne Robinson

Dwayne Robinson

Constituency #28, Warwick West | Polling station: Windreach Recreational Village

Contact details 294.3228 | [email protected]

Be the change you want to see! Nothing in this world is changed by hope alone, only through action can we achieve progress.”
Bermudians got tired of the back and forth of politics long ago. I pledge to work in collaboration with the other Members of Parliament, regardless of party, for the greater good of Bermuda

Candidate profile

Dwayne Robinson grew up in Dockyard, attending Somerset Primary, Sandys Secondary, and CedarBridge Academy before earning a GED.
Dwayne understands the Bermuda economy from the inside, having worked in the hospitality industry and the grocery business. He is the co-founder of “Superbia Productions”, a start-up talent agency which also does marketing and film production.

Dwayne is an experienced executive producer of short films, music videos, photoshoots, YouTube videos, adverts, and other content. He produced a film called “Confessions: The Power of Birth” which won a Bermuda Society of Arts competition and was shown at BIFF. Dwayne’s passion is to improve the Bermuda arts industry and to provide more avenues for artists to make viable careers in their chosen fields.

“It’s That Type of Party” introduced Dwayne to many political leaders from both parties and he became known for a refreshing approach to interviews from a young person’s perspective.


  • Married to Reshay
  • OBA Senator since 2018
  • Co-Founder of “It’s That Kind of Party” and Superbia Productions
  • Award-winning filmmaker
  • Former Royal Bermuda Regiment Corporal
  • Volunteer for Big Brothers, Raleigh International and the Family Centre


It was a natural step to enter public service and Dwayne was appointed as an OBA Senator in November 2018 and got his first taste of electoral politics in the 2019 by-election in Pembroke Central. Dwayne truly enjoys knocking on doors and hearing people’s concerns firsthand. Our community faces many challenges and Dwayne believes we must bring people together to meet those challenges. He was attracted to the OBA’s aspiration to be representative of all the people of Bermuda, rather than a select group.

If elected, Dwayne would seek to represent the people of Warwick West in Parliament honourably, working tirelessly to represent your interests, serving as an advocate for the most vulnerable, and finding ways to stimulate the post-Covid 19 economy in order to create jobs for Bermudians.

Dwayne’s experience in the creative arts means he knows that Bermuda’s economy needs to be diversified beyond tourism and international business. He knows the vital importance of entrepreneurial, Bermudian businesses which are the lifeblood of our community, allowing for Bermudian economic ownership and prosperity. He has seen first-hand how creative Bermudians are and how that creativity can be harnessed to expand the economy and to create better jobs for all.

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, that kind of creativity and innovation is needed more than ever – we need people in Parliament who understand how to renew the economy – and how to create jobs. We need people like Dwayne who have new ideas, know the value of hard work and will do better for Bermuda.

Serving Bermuda in the Senate

Dwayne was appointed to the Senate in 2018. He has the experience necessary to represent you in the House of Assembly.

In the Senate, Dwayne has been a strong advocate for an independent Education Authority which would take the politics out of our children’s education. Having attended public schools, Dwayne is invested in improving the system for students coming up behind him. He knows what works for Bermuda’s students – and what is needed to make the system work better for them.

Promoting fairness

Dwayne is one of many young people who are making a difference in the OBA. He and others demand that the OBA must do better, and that the OBA can build a better Bermuda. He believes that Bermuda works better when it works together and puts people ahead of power.

Constituency 28, Warwick West, Bermuda