Daquan Scott

Constituency #29, Southampton East | Polling station: Warwick Camp

Contact details 294.3229 | [email protected]

Daquan Scott is a true son of Southampton, having spent his lifetime in Southampton East (Constituency 29).

Daquan is concerned about the economic downturn and especially the effect of hotel closures on the constituency. He also wants to ensure that young people in the area have productive opportunities which will deter anti-social behaviour.


  • Former member of the Royal Bermuda Regiment
  • Educated at Somerset Primary, Sandys Secondary Middle School and CedarBridge. Received his GED through Bermuda College.
  • Warehouse manager at the MarketPlace

Worried about Bermuda’s future

Daquan is a young Bermudian who got into politics because he was concerned about the direction of the Bermuda economy and the amount of debt being piled up by the current Government.

He joined the OBA and is running in Southampton East because he saw the OBA stimulate and grow the economy, especially in the hotels sector. He feels the PLP have shown they only know how to spend money.

Daquan feels that the last three years of PLP government have consisted of broken promises. “We need immigration reform, but the Government has only paid lip service to it. We have a Gaming Commission but nothing has happened,” he says.

Daquan is concerned that while many Bermudians are out of work, backbench MPs are having their salaries increased by being appointed to Government boards on large salaries.

Local Solutions for Local Problems

As someone whose family has always lived in the area and who grew up in the community, Daquan is worried about some of the anti-social behaviour he sees, especially at Southampton Rangers and Horseshoe Bay.

He says the Southampton East community needs to feel whole and young people need more work and education opportunities. The economic collapse has caused a strain in the tightknit community where a lot of support depends on neighbours looking out for each other. Daquan plans to establish a community group that could raise funds and help people in the neighbourhood, but he says the real answer is better jobs and bringing down the cost of living.

Constituency 29, Southampton East, Bermuda