Charles Swan

Constituency #13, Devonshire North Central | Polling station: CedarBridge Academy

Contact details 294.3213 | [email protected]

Creating opportunity for all is a just cause, and this cause is my central goal.
As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, we must not only rebuild the economy but build a better economy which serves all Bermudians.

Mr Charles Swan is a father, local business owner and community activist who has spent his life encouraging Bermudians to gain the education and skills necessary to get ahead.

Having previously served as an MP, Mr Swan is returning to the political sphere because he strongly believes that we Bermudians work better when we work together and because he thinks the OBA offer the better choice for Bermuda.

Education & Experience

  • MP 2008-12, Southampton West Central, Constituency #31
  • Managing Director, Batson Swan Group of Companies
  • Member of West End Sailboat Club, Sandys Boat Club and the Bermuda Offshore Cruising Association.
  • Cadet and officer Bermuda Sea Cadets
  • BBA, Acadia University

Real-world experience

Mr Swan served as MP for Southampton East Central from 2008 to 2012, having previously been a Senator.

During his time in the House, he was a strong advocate for small businesses – the driving force and leading job creator of the Bermuda economy – and of the creating opportunities for Bermudians to enter the skilled trades and start their own businesses.

Having witnessed and worked with his own father to build Batson Swan Plumbing up from one motorcycle and two employees nearly 60 years ago to the leading plumbing, general mechanical and energy-conservation company it is today, Mr Swan knows what it takes to build and grow a better organisation for his employees, customers and community, and can bring those same skills and passion to the Bermuda Government.

Community first

In his time as an MP, Mr Swan worked hard to improve community problems, including making roads safer and restoring neighbourhood amenities.

Mr Swan has always been a community activist, a strong supporter of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and role model for many Bermudians through his Business and associations. These roles include 20 years as a Cadet and Officer in the Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps, 20 plus years as a member of Sandys Rotary Club with one year as President. Additionally, Mr Swan helped form the Bermuda Youth Sports Program and is a member of West End Sailboat Club, Sandys Boat Club and the Bermuda Offshore Cruising Association.

A keen sailor and sports enthusiast, he currently resides in Devonshire with his fiancé Mi Hong Yoon and has two sons Ryan and Nathan.

Constituency 13, Devonshire North Central, Bermuda