Antoine Cannonier

Antoine Cannonier

Constituency #3, St David’s | Polling station: Clearwater Middle School

Contact details 294.3203 | [email protected]

Let’s stop acting like gangs and start acting like family. Let’s return to our better ways.
Join me and let’s make a better St David’s and inspire Bermuda.

Antoine Cannonier is a former Bermuda Police Service constable and is a computer technician.

He is a newcomer to politics and has thrown his hat into the ring because he is deeply worried about where Bermuda is going and how people are losing the values that made the St David’s and Bermuda communities special. He believes we need to put people ahead of power.


  • Family man
  • Pastor and teacher in the Ministry
  • Former Police Constable and network coordinator for the Bermuda Police Service
  • IT professional and now a cybersecurity consultant
  • Former America’s Cup volunteer

St David’s values

Antoine Cannonier grew up in St David’s and knows what a true community is – one where neighbours looked out for each other and made sure children were safe and someone was looking in on the sick and the shut-in.

Those values are being lost now as people are in too much of a hurry to be their brother’s keeper and to love their neighbour, and are not prepared to give someone starting out in life a helping hand.

Antoine joined the One Bermuda Alliance because the OBA believes Bermuda works better when we work together.

Cutting edge skills and traditional values

As an IT professional and cybersecurity consultant, Antoine knows that the world is changing and Bermuda has to change with it. In many ways, computers and the Internet bring us together, but they can also separate us and that makes the need for traditional values more important than ever.

During lockdown, we got to know our families again. We got to stop and know our neighbours better. Bermuda cannot lose that spirit now as we returning to a semblance of normality. We need to return to our better ways.

That’s the right thing to do, but it will also help us create the jobs and economy we need to really recover from the Covid-19 crisis. Tourists came to Bermuda for its beauty, but they came back for the people – the friendliest in the world. We can never forget that and must be the change we want to see.

As a person who has worked to keep people physically and spiritually safe through his police and Ministry work, and as a person who has seen how technology can help and hurt people, Antoine believes that the OBA can do better for you. Vote for a better St David’s and a better Bermuda on October 1,

Constituency 3, St David’s. Bermuda