Why did you form the OBA?           

  • Because Bermuda needs choice and change

To end the monopolistic strangle-hold two parties have had on Bermuda’s Government. There has been only one change in Government in nearly a half century.

The serious issues facing our country did not develop overnight. They were not thrust upon us. They are homegrown problems. And yet the government – the same government that was in charge as each crisis began to spin out of control – is short on solutions.

We believe Bermuda needs leadership that has fresh, new ideas as well as the experience to implement those ideas and effect the change Bermuda needs. The One Bermuda alliance was launched on May 12, 2011 to bring about this change.

Who is the OBA?                      

  • We are you.

Our members come from different social and economic backgrounds, as well as different races, ages and political affiliations.

Like many other Bermudians, a large number of us supported the PLP in 1998, but now we believe it’s time to give someone else a chance.

Today there are two governments: The government that shows up around election time and the other government that does anything it pleases the rest of the time.

We joined the OBA because we recognize that if we follow the old ways we will get more of the same. Bermuda cannot afford 5 more years of skyrocketing debt and failed economic policies.

What will you do?              

  • We will bring reform to Government & results to Bermudians.

The One Bermuda Alliance has new ideas and solutions to restore confidence, grow the economy, create jobs and lower the debt; reduce gang violence and truly reform education for our children. We will get Bermuda moving forward to a safer, more secure environment for you and your loved ones.

How are you different from the current Government?

  • The PLP Government appears mainly concerned about holding on to power. We’re focused on helping people, on moving them up

    When the Government looks at Bermuda, it does so in terms of political calculation. When we look at Bermuda, we do so in terms of how people are doing. Do they have jobs? Are their children getting the education they need? Are their neighbourhoods getting safer? Is their quality of life getting better? Is Bermuda working for them? We think in terms of what matters to people.

Why do you have so many young candidates?        

  • Bermuda needs to prepare the next generation of leadership

This Government has saddled the next generation with more than $1.4 billion in debt, with no end in sight. This is debt that they and their children will have to pay back. So we are encouraging younger Bermudians to join us in changing their future. And we are proud that so many are answering that call.

What makes the OBA ready to lead the island?   

  • A combination of fresh faces & proven experience.

In putting forward a diverse mix of people, talent, age and experience, the OBA is best positioned to put the interests of all Bermudians first.

Why vote OBA?        

  • For change that serves you and your family.

This is the right time to end the monopolization of Bermuda’s politics. In nearly half a century we’ve had only one change in Government. It’s time to reset the dial and provide choice, balance and change. This is the right time to use your vote to say you insist on better results from your government. This is the right time to use your vote to hold your government to account, to say the public interest, not self-interest, must come first. Unless you vote for change, you will get more of the same.

I’ve been PLP all my life. Why switch?

This Government has lost touch with the people who put them in power.

Whenever a Government takes a group of voters’ support for granted, those voters have a right to turn to another party for solutions. It’s the foundation of democracy as well as responsive and responsible Government.

That goes for the current Government and an OBA Government. Your government needs to be focused on public service not personal gain.


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