Bit by bit, getting the job done

The OBA was elected to make the economy work again for the people of Bermuda.

The Government has been doing just that: implementing legislative and regulatory change, cutting red tape and communicating an 'open for business' message - all to generate activities that grow jobs, paycheques and opportunities. 

Turning around an economy that was in steep decline is not an easy thing to do, but now, after 2½ years, Bermuda is moving toward a recovery that can give thousands a new lease on life. Many still suffer, but there is optimism in the air and a growing list of statistics that reflect progress:


• Retail sales, after nearly a decade of decline and closures, has registered seven straight months of growth - something that has not occurred in many years.

• Sales of building materials - a sure sign of construction activity - grew more than 10% in March; mostly due to residential construction.

• Unemployment numbers are falling. The Department of Workforce Development reports significant declines in the numbers of tradesmen registered as unemployed - particularly among masons, carpenters and electricians

• Local business incorporations are up, real estate sales are rising.

• And hotel developments continue apace, with the Hamilton Princess hiring of 114 Bermudians to staff their hotel and beach operations and Pink Beach employing about 45 Bermudians in its rebuild.


Bit by bit, we are turning the corner. We're not there yet, but we're on our way, moving the Island in the right direction.

The goal is to provide Bermudians with a more secure future than the one that was taking shape a few short years ago.

We will keep you abreast of continuing developments because it's important to see the reality beyond the politics that seeks to distract and obscure what is actually happening.

Big Progress at Dockyard


On June 2nd, the OBA's Parliamentary team toured the Team Oracle headquarters led by Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill. The speed and extent of Oracle's set-up is impressive, from new waterside structures to the refurbishment of a former Royal Navy building into an administrative, communications and training hub. More than 200 Bermudians have been involved in AC35 work to date at Dockyard, and some 38 companies. The June 4th announcement this week that Team Artemis will build its base of operations at Morgan's Point represents more job and business opportunities for Bermudians.

Relay for Life

OBA Parliamentarians participated in the Relay for Life on Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th at the National Sports Centre. Thank you to the 15 Parliamentarians who walked during the 24 hours and helped raise funds towards the $500,000 goal to assist in bringing radiation treatment to Bermuda. Pictured is Minister Craig Cannonier and MP Suzann Roberts-Holshouser.

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